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Town square Hlinkovo námestie is second most important square in town of Žilina. It serves as transportation artery between square Mariánske námestie and the main terminal.

This is where facilities of town-wide and regional importance are located, such as gallery Považská galéria, Hotel Astória, theater, town walls with Parish church and stairway, shopping center, banks, etc.



Multifunctional building built in 1994. Architecture is inspired by character of locality. Modernity of this building is apparent from it's concept, design and materials.

Exterior and interior reflect functionality and needs of this property – quality of materials used and their realization, individual entries into units from town square, emphasis on information system. Building has 4 individual units: Basement, first and second floor, each with it's own entry.Thirt - fifth floors with main entrance and elevator. Property has it's own parking lot.


For lease


The building currently has not any space available for lease.
Reservations: +421 948 311 311



Bottova 2, 01001 Žilina SK
tel. +421 948 311 311
e-mail: info@greenyard.com
maintenance: +421 907 815 763

HLINKU2 offices
 námestie A. Hlinku 2, 010 01 Žilina SK
 Vojtecha Tvrdého 3, 010 01 Žilina SK