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Situated at the crossing of streets Horný val, Bottova and Na bráne, in location where important pedestrian zones through the historic town center connect with each other and also it is an access point to greater area of town center.



Historical object built on location of Horná brána, which was medieval access point into town of Žilina.

Two story building received its current looks during long period of time. The oldest part is the cellars. Ground floor and the first floor has by its floor plan and construction three-tracts. The ground level preserved its vaulted ceiling. Building contains shops and services.


For lease


The building currently has not any space available for lease.
Reservations: +421 948 311 311



Bottova 2, 01001 Žilina SK
tel. +421 948 311 311
e-mail: info@greenyard.com
maintenance: +421 907 815 763

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 Horný Val 30, 010 01 Žilina SK
 Bottova 12, 010 01 Žilina SK