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Street Bottova ulica is an important part of the main pedestrian route through the town and together with square Mariánske námestie, to which it leads, represents the ambiance of old Žilina. It is not only a shopping center, but also cultural and tourist center and place for leisure activities.



TOWN PALACE built in 1895 on original foundation and cellars, designed by Italian architect Colletti. Architectural style is from second half of 19. century, with romantic facades and stylistic arcades in the main stairway. Basement is in gothic-renaissance style with vaulted cellars.

While respecting historical value, in 1995 original areas underwent restoration and technological modernization. Reconstruction of the roof and new skylight added new attic space and glass atrium, which functions as access point.


For lease


The building currently has not any space available for lease.
Reservations: +421 948 311 311



Bottova 2, 01001 Žilina SK
tel. +421 948 311 311
e-mail: info@greenyard.com
maintenance: +421 907 815 763

BOTTOVA retail & offices
Mariánske námestie 32, 010 01 Žilina SK
Makovického 7, 010 01 Žilina SK
Bottova 2, 010 01 Žilina SK